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The Real Estate Truth

Only thriving and lived in property has value. However, many existing properties in Germany are vacant, run down or abandoned as "building ruins". The reasons are manifold. However, the result is always the same. In addition to the destruction of assets, unused properties often influence the entire environment and even reduce the value of neighbouring properties. While a total of several billion euros in real estate value remains unused, in Germany alone between 30 and 90 hectares of open space for new buildings and the associated traffic areas are lost every day.

Redevelopment is our passion.

The Allegron Group specializes in the redevelopment of existing residential properties. All objects that have been revived with extraordinary success so far have been unused for a long time or in a condition that - even for real estate experts - made an economically meaningful use seem impossible. But with realistic visions, good ideas and determined energy, all properties acquired by the Allegron Group have a new and economically sound future. The comfortable residential complexes will become a magnet for new tenants after the fundamental renovation and in some cases also energetic refurbishment under the "DIWO Home" brand.


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