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Our exclusive properties in Rüsselsheim are situated in a central location in the heart of the Rhein-Main area with Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt Airport, Darmstadt and downtown Frankfurt all being within easy reach using either one of the 4 nearby motorways or public transport.  

+ Bus stop directly near the building

+ 8 minutes to Rüsselsheim train station

+ 10 minutes to Frankfurt International Airport

+ 20 minutes to downtown Frankfurt

+ 20 minutes to Mainz, Wiesbaden or Darmstadt

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The Town Rüsselsheim  


Rüsselsheim offers a large range of shopping opportunities in its central pedestrianised areas as well as in the three boroughs of the town. This is complemented by the many specialised shops with their wide range of goods, high fashion boutiques and branches of various service providers.  

The residents of Rüsselsheim can enjoy a well-stocked fresh produce market twice weekly which offers a huge selection of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as culinary delights at the town’s market place.  

Regular events attract visitors to while away the hours such as Asparagus Sunday, Riesling Sunday, candlelight shopping as well as the town’s Christmas market.

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Rüsselsheim has been a member of the nationwide project ‘Lokales Bündnis für Familien’ or Local Families Alliance. Rüsselsheim offers its little citizens 20 borough nurseries in addition to 6 religious or non-denominational ones. There is also a range of parent and child therapies, leisure centres and the popular, year-round school holiday activity programmes.

Municipal facilities such as the local GPR health centre and hospital as well as private and state nursing care services are also at hand should the need arise.

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Rüsselsheim is able to offer its residents a plethora of green spaces. Ostpark for instance is made of many sunbathing spots, rambling and cycling tracks and even boasts a game reserve in the centre of the town. At the Bavarian/Hessian beer garden you can play boule, badminton and mini golf and for the more adventurous there’s a climbing park.

Verna Park in the town centre is the place to visit for those looking for peace and tranquillity. Horlachegraben, an urban recreational area also enjoys great popularity.

The beautiful riversides of Rüsselsheim shape its landscape. The so-called regional park route leads along the river Main and is the gateway to the rest of the region. Here you’ll find a wealth of natural beauty. The nature reserves Schaepersee, Wüster Forst and Mönchbruch with its unique flora and fauna can be reached in minutes by bike.

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Rüsselsheim has a rich, colourful and diverse smorgasbord of culture to showcase. The well-known theatre offers concerts, opera, drama, musicals, ballet and dance. The children’s theatre entertains the younger theatre goers from far and wide. The annual ‘Kultursommerprogramm’ brings us music, theatre and cabaret, and the so-called Jazzfabrik’s reputation spans the country with its superior jazz collection.

Opelvillen showcases the art centre situated directly on the Main river and exhibits the work of well-known artists. The old castle houses the award-winning municipal museum. Award-winning because the museum has won awards from the Council of Europe. The museum focuses on social and industrial history.

As is typical for this area, there is always a festival somewhere, where you can thoroughly enjoy the excellent wines of the region and indulge in the Hessian way of life.


Rüsselsheim’s children and youngsters can gain qualifications at one of the town’s 21 schools. All of the town’s primary schools offer childcare before and after lessons. The adult education centre in the town offers a wide range of courses throughout the year.

Whether you’re interested in education, languages, health, culture or social topics, you are bound to find a course for you with an appropriately skilled and enthusiastic teacher.

Campus Rüsselsheim is where the new polytechnic RheinMain resides and offers young students or those working and studying at the same time, courses in mechanical engineering, electronics, IT, physics and environmental studies.