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Alexander Rasehorn

Alexander Rasehorn

was born on 7th February 1975 in Erfurt. He is a fully qualified estate agent and property economist and has worked in the property and construction business for the past 14 years. He spends his spare time practising aikido and playing basketball and lives in a suburb of Mainz.

His motto and motivation for his work at Di-Wo Living stems from the ancient Japanese art of repair; Kintsugi.

An old Japanese tradition that not only restores 'broken objects', but also embellishes them.

When the Japanese repair a broken vase, they honour the breakage by filling the crack with gold. They believe that something that has been damaged and has a history becomes more beautiful. This technique is called Kintsugi. Gold instead of glue. Precious metals instead of a transparent substance. And therein lies the difference: Should one hide the lost entirety and decay or make a feature of, and celebrate the redevelopment’s history?

This way of looking at things resonates perfectly with our building in Eisenstraße 58 which has re-awoken, akin to Sleeping Beauty waking in the fairy tale. What used to be a functional office block has turned into an impressive and contemporary residential property which ticks all the boxes of modern living right now. And all that, in a top location.

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